For over 30 years, S.A.T. Export has been operating in the field of upholstery, creating armchairs and sofas
made for an upmarket clientele. It is a highly capable company, organized to sell  any variety of product on
the marketplace, from classical to modern line, from chester to baroque style. The quality and  choice of first
class raw materials are guaranteed by S.A.T. Export’s artisans and staff, who are actively involved in the
manufacture of a product resulting from handcrafted talent and advanced techniques. S.A.T Export’s associates
take advantage of carefully selected inner collaborators,  who specialize in the implementation of their tasks.

The search for innovative products is assured by the core staff’s thirty-year experience, together with the
collaboration of a design studio, who continuously keep up to date with the needs of a constantly evolving
and fast-changing market. For the development of new models, the company takes advantage of external
partners, both for the wooden framework and for  expert advice about the manufacture of the final product.

Our mission: to make our upholstery  unique and inimitable. Thanks to an artisan, individual production,
which enables a greater accuracy in the fabric cutting,  evident care in the confection of  upholstery, and the
meticulous finishing of our products, every single piece differs from all the others.

Tuscany is an amazing region which stands out for its distinguishing taste for furniture style.